Monday, November 12, 2012

October's Work

Lake of Dreams #1 (c) 2012 Kit Lang
October's work turned out to be a lot of .... trees.

Lake of Dreams #2 (c) 2012 Kit Lang
A lot of birch trees, in particular.

Lake of Dreams #3 (c) 2012 Kit Lang (c) 2012 Kit Lang

They were inspired by that  Marimekko fabric that is so beloved, also by the lake I grew up nearby, surrounded by paper birch trees...

Lake of Dreams #4 (c) 2012 Kit Lang

And since I only visit that lake in my dreams, I called this (what turned out to be a small series) "Lake of Dreams".

I'll be selling them as a set of four since I think they look best together. 

\Lake of Dreams (c) 2012 Kit Lang

Then I tried it in a portrait version - and felt this was less successful - however, it's already been sold and is in it's new home. 

In Dreams (c) 2012 Kit Lang

Then I tried some hand work with some of my (and some purchased) hand dyes - and called this piece "In Dreams".

Until I posted this, I didn't realize that everything I named in October had something to do with "dreams", but it makes sense, since BSP and I are dreaming a new life into being.

I also made a little bird, and when to a fiber art show.

You know what else would be dreamy?  If someone else would start posting here regularly too!

Looking forward to seeing what you've done.


Living to work - working to live said...

I love the birch trees Kit. Lovely stuff.

LC said...

Trees have to be one of the most perfect subjects for art of any kind! These are wonderful.

Vicki W said...

I love all of these Kit. Beautiful!

Kit Lang said...

Thanks Hilary, LC and Vikki:)

bohemiannie! art said...

Hi Kit! Your birch quilts are lovely! I'm so busy posting on my own blog that it keeps me from making all the art I want to...but I DO enjoy looking at what others are up to!

Kit Lang said...

Thanks Bohemianne. :)

Chris Daly said...

Kit your In Dreams series is fantastic. I love everything about the pieces. Thanks for your last comment. I promise to do a better job posting this year. Thanks goodness I have 6 art quilts that I must make in 2013 :)

Kit Lang said...

Thanks Chris! :)

dkzody said...

Such beautiful work. You are very talented. I envy the owners of these pieces.

Dianne said...

what gorgeous work! lovely color and glad you shared your creations.

Kit Lang said...

Thanks DK and Dianne - (although, DK, only one piece is sold so far.) :)

Sharon Rotz said...

The rich colors of "In Dreams" pull me in. I also like the hand-work.